Welcome to the Schooner Anne Bonny!

What is Anne Bonny?

The Schooner is an old steam-powered fishing boat that arrives to the Port of Malaga after a long journey through Norway and France. This ship, renamed Anne Bonny One, was built in 1905 in Oslo’s shipyards (Norway) as a steam-powered fishing boat. In 1950 suffered an enormous change and had a diesel engine and used for merchant trades. Later, in 1992, the boat was acquired by a French company and became a sailboat after a huge reform. Its actual owner in an auction organized by State Tax Agency 2013 acquired the schooner then.

Since then it has been in Port of Santa Maria as “La Goleta del Guadalete” and has passed throughout many restoration, in which, besides other things, the nine cabins where removed and now there is only one compartment. This ship is 30 meters length, plus the bowsprit that has another three and six more of sleeve. The boat, which capacity is of 90 people, has a higher part where the embarkation is made, bow and stern to a lower level and the living room, kitchen and bar, the restrooms, the area of the rudder and the electric facilities, where you can access to the machine room.


In addition, it has a lower floor were you can find the cellar and only one cabin. The schooner has a total of 3 people of crew: one Captain and two Sailors. Although if the boat goes sailing, it is needed a engineer officer chat controles the engine. The schooner Anne Bonny, which its named after the first woman pirate of history, it is a strong boat because of the huge amount of ice you could find in Oslo. Although it has suffered many changes, the ship maintains nearly all of its original structure.

Did You Know…?

This boat, has only one deck with Bridge aft, Castle bow, poop and round stern. In Between the castle and the government bridge, there is a room with access to the cellar. The interior compartments are subdivided by watertight bulkheads. The ship’s hull is completely built with steel with a transversal structure, run cover and with poop and castle. It´s original shape and distribution has been mantainied, without variations, neither structural nor the distribution of the spaces, to achieve the goal of showing the tourists the real caracteristics of this types of ships.

The ship has the following spaces divided by watertight bulkheads, from bow to stern: Pique de Proa, Chain camera, Cellar, Machine camera, Stern cabin, Servo enclousure. In the Machine camera are two tanks with 4000 litres of capacity and accommodates an engine Caterpillar Diesel of 442 CV, that through a hydraulic reducer, actions a line of axes with a propeller, that gives the ship the propulsion it needs. In the bow there is a tank of 4.500 litres of water.

Also, there are auxiliary elements to improve the ship’s functioning, as well as two shelves that are used for the stowage of the respect pieces and accessories. In the stern you can find a wide bathtub to accommodate part of the passengers, with its own seats and protected by a wooden ceiling. Below this area, is the rudder servo enclosure and the only cabin on board. On the main deck, it’s located the access to the bow, the restrooms, as well as the kitchen, the wheelhouse (where the devices to help navigate are located), and the living room, a place protected from outdoors and through where you can access the cellar.

The ship is wooded as a three-masted schooner. These host the measuring equipment for navigation aid, as well as the navigation lights for the situation and steering, and spotlights and lights for the perfect lighting of the Superstructure, which is also built in steel.


Displacement (Tons)


Max Speed Knots


Propulsive Power (HP)



marta delgado

One hour cruise, beautiful sea, saw a dolphin even though it was only 4pm and the boat is absolutely top notch!

Marta Delgado
helle heredia

The organization and the attendance of the event in Anne Bonny is being faultless. We will soon be there Anne Bonny!

carlos arenas

A unique experience that everyone should enjoy in Malaga.

Carlos Arenas
julio alcala

The excursion with dolphin sighting must be amazing. The boat is amazing and I want to celebrate my birthday on it. I will se you soon Anne Bonny…

Julio Alcala