The Center Pompidou in Malaga, becomes from March 28, 2015, a platform of exchange between society and contemporary creation. It offers a journey through the art of the 20th and 21st centuries with around 70 selected works in its permanent collection. The exhibited works reflect the historical events that have marked our time and that have nourished the imagination and ideals of modern and contemporary artists.

This journey through the history of art of our time, renewed every five semesters, is nourished every year, also by 2 or 3 temporary exhibitions in Málaga (currently, the experience is lived through multidisciplinary programs dedicated to dance, representation, the word and the cinema, with the help of mediation devices aimed above all at a young audience.

To highlight the work of the professionals of the center who, with their explanations, help visitors to enter into each work, fostering personal introspection by questioning and creating a special alternative link with the artis.

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